Experiments with painting, ideas and thinning the medium with lots of water, has been my passion, and ongoing center of investigation ever since i finished the Funen Art Academy DK in 1993.  I make use of the different ways pigments dry up and how the texture can interact.  I want my painting to seem effortless, but in reality it is based on a lot of failure and try-outs before the perfect stroke and energy beams from the finished work.


The work of Danish/Amercan artist Indigo Richards, is theme-based and expressed through manifold medias, whether it is tempera, watercolor, acrylic, oil or other materials as clothes, art-pills or performance and installations, together with the Danish artist group: QWERTY. http://tifinger.dk/

Armpit painting performance at Juxtapose Art Fair 2021, Ã…rhus, Godsbanen with QWERTY. https://www.juxtaposeartfair.com/