Galleri Sandberg, June 2021

In Autumn 2020 I started up a new project with the working titel; The liquid state of water. I made a lot of silly experiments using water from different public ponds in Odense mixing it up with my acrylic paint. Then I began working with swirls of water, I studied the swirl in my studio sink and in the lakes I visited. I pour water onto my canvas and swirl it around.  The forms that grew from my gestures looked like flowers. Strong and wild growths. I like the simplicity of the banal motif the single flower and the movement in the center the pistil.



VISIBLE LIGHT (Transferring information with light)

2020 Modtager, with Anders Qvist Nielsen, homegallery in our apartement in Odense DK

In spring 2020 during the first lockdown in Denmark, I made the series; Visible light. Electromagnetic waves, as we know, can transfer a picture of a person, from the other end of the world, to a screen. Working on my former project; In Our Face Time, I was constantly reminded about this scientific miracle. I then imagined how signals, were transported through the air, and painted abstract paintings, where the wet paint in layers resembled light pulses and data.



Hi Neighbor 

Neighbors are not your friends, your family, nor people you work with, they are something different. They are very close to you physically, you are involved in their daily life, but you don’t know them. Painting your neighbors is a random choice of subject/motif. There is a method, a system, the next apartment or house. You get invited in, and now you know more about the people who live next to you. I like the coincidental choice of subject, and the “gifts” it brings, as well as I like the accidents and random flow of the water, in my acrylic paint and watercolor/aquarelle.

Text in Danish : Anna Krogh tekst til Hi Neighbor